Attendance Policy FAQ

Q: What should I do if I am going to be absent? 

A: Fill out the online “Absence Request” form. Any type of absence must be approved via this form, otherwise it will automatically be considered ‘unexcused.’ 

Q: What qualifies as an “excused” absence? Do they count against the absence limit?

A: ‘Excused’ absences do not count against the absent limit; however, they must still be approved online. There are only three types of excused absences: illness (only which results in being absent from school), religious holidays/observance and family emergency (death, serious illness, etc. – may require parent contact).

Q: What qualifies as “provisional” absence? Do they count against the absence limit? A: Any absence that a coach excuses in advance technically qualifies as a “provisional” absence. Examples include: medical or dental appointments (that cannot be scheduled otherwise), family events (weddings, parties, etc.), college visits, long weekend trips, required class events, tutoring, babysitting family, etc. 

Q: What is an “unexcused” absence? 

A: Any absence that is not excused ahead of time will be considered unexcused (even if the reason fell in the “provisional” or “excused” category). Also, any absence that is not for a valid reason will also be unexcused. Examples include: oversleeping, work conflicts, “hanging out with friends,” not being properly prepared to practice, discipline issues, ineligibility, haircuts, club/activity meetings, being grounded, extensively tardy, school spring break trips, etc. *Missing practice to “catch up on homework” is not an excused absence. As a student-athlete, you are expected to be able to balance both responsibilities*.

Q: What if I am not at school due to illness? 

A: See above; you must still notify the coaching staff using the online attendance form. 

Q: What if I feel sick during the day? 

A: If you leave school early, please fill out the online attendance form. If you are not feeling well after school, you are still required to show up to practice & discuss your options with a coach. Depending on the situation, you may be assigned a modified practice routine, required to practice as normal or be sent home. Don’t assume that if you aren’t feeling well you don’t have to come to practice. 

Q: What if I am sore or think I may have an injury? 

A: You must still come to practice to discuss your options. You must also fill out the online “Health Notification Form” ASAP. Soreness/injuries do not automatically qualify as excused absences. There is always something different you can do if you can’t complete workout. 

Q: How do I know how many absences I have? 

A: Attendance will be taken daily by team captains and mentors. You may check at any time.

Q: What happens if I go over my absence limit? 

A: Anyone in violation of the attendance policy is automatically subject to suspension/dismissal per the team pact. There are certain situations, depending on the scenario, where absences may be made up per coach’s discretion. Please note: once official practice starts, even if school has not resumed yet, the attendance policy is still in effect; family vacations, work, etc. are not automatically excused and will be counted as absences. 

Q: Will my absence from practice affect my chance to compete that week? 

A: If it is deemed that you were too sick/injured to practice at times during the week (especially on workout days), you may also be held out of competition to ensure your health & safety. If the coaching staff judges that other absences have caused you to be unprepared for a competition, you may also be held out of competition.